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Kütahya Galaxy Collection


The Kütahya Galaxy Collection takes an innovative step introducing new methods of tableware production. Using granules with different colours and particle size distributions for isostatic pressing is a totally different and unique application for the tableware industry. The galaxy method offers high-quality products both technically and visually. The firing cycle is 1,250 degrees celsius. This temperature provides the intense porcelain colours. 

The tableware made from special granulate gives the collection a special look that is further enhanced by the irregular, almost organic-looking styling of the plate with their softly rounded corners. An interesting collection that stands out everywhere.

  The plates can be stacked, saving space. 

+Tableware series with granulation structure 

+Dishwasher safe 

+ Design inspired by earth and the universe. 

+Toxic Free 


Porcelain is the healthiest kitchenware being made from raw materials from which it takes its white colour. 

As Kütahya Porselen's goods are produced at high temperatures , they do not include materials harmful for human health such as lead and cadmium. Kütahya's R&D laboratories  are equipped with the latest technology where professional crew test all the raw materials and end products. 

Production is based on European Union Standards. It is of utmost importance that the consumer chooses a trustworthy, and respectful brand that will not compromise quality standards.  And here at Mita, we pride ourselves with bringing our consumers high quality and safe porcelain to last for many years.

Winner of the world's most prestigious award PLUS X AWARD for High Quality and Design 2020 and German Design award 2021.